Maha Kamal

full-time Lawyer | part-time Artist | occasional Writer | a bit of a Wanderlust

#Short Stories

Cow Town

The pink froth bubbles out everywhere like a bath bomb exploding from a tub. It collects in pools until it suddenly rushes up, towering down at me like a giant tsunami. My lungs seize, pain jolting out of my throat […]


On Identity.

Originally published April 8, 2019 during a trip to Satkhol Village and Delhi, India. There is a relatively unknown story of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, and his daughter, Dina. I tell it to everyone who asks me […]


The Desi Vintage Project

I’ve started a new little project for my condo: collecting vintage photographs of South Asian portraits or families. The vintage photos available in Colorado and the United States are mostly of Caucasian families and I don’t really connect with them. […]


Diner Trash

I struggle at diners because I never know where to put the trash I’ve created from mixing my coffee. Sometimes I shove it in-between the porcelain sugar box and the condiment rack. Other times, I tuck it under my plate. […]

#Short Stories

Jinn Jaani

Jinn Jaani was quiet like Samia. She lurked in shadows, hiding in the corners of dusty closets or behind large vases or lamps. Jinn Jaani appeared as soon as Samia died (Nadir did not notice at first but Nargis did). […]

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