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Maha Kamal

lawyer + artist + writer + bit of a wanderlust

6 minute read

On Disownment and Identity

There is a relatively unknown story of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, and his daughter, Dina. I tell it to everyone who asks me about my disownment. Before the India-Pakistan partition of 1947, Dina went to Jinnah, asking […]

13 minute read

The Death of Harbir Singh

Harbir slouched deep into the folds of a zebra-striped sofa in his cell. A fast-step violin muffled something overhead about happy feet. His feet, in a shiny pair of black leather moccasins, jutted out to the middle of a plush […]

17 minute read

The Last Son of Majoun

Bismillah, ar-Rahman, ar-Rahim, the emperor huffed under his breath as he brought the wine to his lips, tipping it slightly from the porcelain cup and allowing it to trickle down the caverns of his semi-rotted mouth. Khurram had mastered the […]